Four Best At Home Exercise Workouts for a Healthy Heart 
Healthy Heart

Believe it or not.. Not all workouts are heart healthy.  While some exercise activities are good for your heart, they are not always good for your body.  The key is to find what works for both.

 Dr. Arthur Agatston, associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, names the four best workouts for your heart to be:  Interval Training, Total-body non-impact sports, weight training and yoga.

 Interval Training is the best type of exercise for preventing heart disease and diabetes.  It’s very effective for losing weight and improves your fitness level.

How does it work? You combine short bursts of high-intensity exercise with longer periods of active recovery or a lower intensity exercise.  For example, you can alternate walking at a 3 mph pace for 3 minutes and then walk at a 4mph pace for 1 minute, then back to 3 mph for 3 minutes, etc.  When you continuously raise and lower your heart rate it improves vascular function, burns calories, and makes your body more efficient at clearing fat and sugar from your blood.  This is cardio exercise at home, no need for gym equipment at home, just your energy and GO!

Total-Body non-impact sports are heart healthy.  The more muscles involved in the activity, the harder your heart needs to work to fuel them.  Rowing, Swimming, Cross Country Skiing, even walking with poles are great activities for the heart.  What cardio exercise at home that’s total body can you do?  Any of the above can be at home or just go out for a walk or hike.

Weight Training can be another form of interval training.  You increase your heart rate during the exercise repetitions and recover between sets.  Combine weight training with intervals of high intensity exercise is the best form of interval training to work your heart and burn fat.   You’ll find this in most of the Beachbody programs, P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire and more.  Weight training at home can be as easy as using bands, very inexpensive so grab some today!

Yoga keeps you calm which helps to lower blood pressure making the blood vessels more elastic and promotes heart health.  You can do Yoga at home, easily.  Find a video, find a written routine that you are comfortable with and do it.

The secret!  Find the workout that makes you happy to do.  Something you look forward to.  You might only want to move or maybe you want to slow down for Yoga.  Time to workout and reap the benefit of making your heart healthy.  Cardio exercises at home will really help your heart and you can do it in all these different ways.  Time to make time for you!  contact me to get fit and motivated to do your cardio healthy exercise program at home.

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