Thanks to my Happy Friends in Fitness!

DSC_f0525One thing I love to see is happy, smiling people! Even better when they take the time to thank me.  I’m glad to share this with you so that you know what to expect before you contact me to talk or before you decide to take your health and fitness to the next level.  Learn about me here.


“I am a stay at home mother to one child and I had never gone to the gym.  A few months after the birth of my daughter, I began going to Francesca’s Insanity classes.  Six months later, I felt stronger, healthier and motivated to keep going.  Francesca is a passionate and knowledgeable trainer who will make sure you see and feel your results.

My results with Francesca were insane (literally!) and I was confident working with her would show positive effects.  Four years later, I am fit and happy and enjoy dedicating a few hours a week to see Francesca at the gym!”

Sarah M.


“Motivation and inspiration; two traits of Francesca that keep me on track! Francesca’s PiYo class is always innovative with challenges to push yourself beyond what you think you can do. She takes yoga to a new level with TRX yoga challenging you to test your strength while staying focused on your inner peace and well being. In spinning class she pushes your cardio endurance.

Francesca always has helpful and informative information on nutrition. She has helped my husband with “season/sport appropriate” workouts; my husband is a big golfer and Francesca has worked with him to tailor his workouts and exercise routines to best benefit his sports activities. Always motivating, always inspiring her students to achieve more than they thought they could.”

Donna I.


“I’ve been taking Yoga with Francesca for approximately 15 months.  I recently retired from a job were I sat at a computer for 10 hours a day and didn’t realize the negative effect it had on my body.  Francesca walks us through each move and corrects us if we’re doing them wrong so no one gets hurt.  She mixes up the moves each week and gives us poses I never thought I’d be able to do.  If there are things our bodies just can’t do, she tells us to either do a different one but highly encourages us to at least try.  When I started the class, I had limited movement in my shoulder.  I have much more flexibility now that I have been taking her classes and feel so much better about myself.”

Dee M.


“Francesca is anClaudine before after 2013 pin excellent fitness instructor. Her classes are my favorite in the region, and I rearrange my schedule to attend them. Francesca is able to structure a class so that it is challenging, invigorating, and an achievement to be proud of once the hour is over. I strongly recommend Francesca’s classes to anyone interested in developing strength, fitness, or general health.”

Alison S.


“Francesca – you are expert at what you do. You get us motivated to push ourselves in Piyo and Yoga and your enthusiasm is contagious!! Your expertise is greatly appreciated and you provide a fun, productive, and challenging workout. Keep it coming!!!”

Mari F.

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“Francesca Kotomski is a great fitness instructor. She is constantly
pushing her clients to new limits and will not let them settle for
mediocrity.  Francesca provides excellent tips and suggestions to
ensure her clients avoid injury and get the most from their class

Laura J.


Francesca is an outstanding instructor who offers rigorous exercise classes. Her classes such as Metabolic Madness and Insanity are high intensity, fat burning, muscle building classes. She recognizes that each person attends her classes with their own fitness goals, and is there to help everyone get the most out of each class. Francesca’s passion for fitness and health are infectious. She has achieved personal success, with heightened performance in hill climbing when cycling, a result of hard work and focused nutrition. Fortunately, Francesca is eager to share the secrets of her success for the benefit of others.

Rose A.





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