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The weight loss game, we win some, we lose some.  We need to have more wins than losses and that’s what makes weight loss successful.

I’ve done some mistakes in the fitness and weight loss game.  But after each mistake, I’ve learned from them and did things better and better.  I’ve changed my workouts from a longer time to shorter.  From using machines in a gym to using simple equipment at home.  From workouts that are boring, constant state cardio that takes a long time to a quick and effective, exciting, intense workout that really anyone can do.

When it comes to food and weight loss, ohhh, I’ve made mistakes.  My biggest mistake is the one that I still remember so sadly that I would never repeat!  I used to go about 7 hours between breakfast and my next solid meal or lunch.  I wanted to wait to have my lunch until after I ran about 6-7 miles.  That was my routine on certain days, wait till the right time to run, then have lunch.  The problem here was that I was starving myself and then running for about 50 minutes, further starving myself.  This set up my body to “save fat” since it didn’t know when it would get fed again.  This is when I started gaining weight.  Oh, was I upset!!  But once I got my meals right, every 3-4 hours, then the weight came off.

So… what I’m saying is… I’m just like you!!!  I’ve gained weight and lost it.  I gained 4olbs with my last pregnancy and I promise, it wasn’t baby weight!!   I was bigger, everywhere, legs, butt, and everything.  I also lost all 40lbs and I’m slimmer than before I got pregnant.  It wasn’t easy but then once I got into a groove, with the right fitness program and eating habits, the weight dropped off.

I’m also older, like many of you!  Both of my children were born either just haven't been running with Matthewbefore I turned 40 or mid forties.  I lost my greatest amount of weight after age 40!!  People say that because they are old, they can’t lose weight.  Not true!  You can lose weight over 40!   If you’re thinking getting pregnant in your 40s is impossible, it’s not.  How about natural fertility after 40?  Believe it or not, natural fertility methods worked for me and yes, pregnant over 40.

The information you will receive…

  • Tips and motivation to lose weight over 40 and as we get older.
  • How to fit in exercise and eating healthy in our busy day.
  • Continued motivation and hope that getting pregnant in your 40s can be real.
  • Blog as a coach, thinking of your needs and responding to any requests, please  contact me to request!!

The top secret to weight loss, beyond what you eat is…

DSC_0015Your motivational partner!   Someone who is not necessarily close to you but has your best interests in weight loss and healthy lifestyle in mind.  Someone who has been there and understands the struggles of being too busy and not eating at the right times and overcoming these struggles.  Someone who also knows the science behind it but I believe the most important quality of your motivational partner or coach is that they’ve been there and struggled but overcame, thus can help you and can understand you!Stephanie W before after Mar 2014 2

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