There’s no easy way out.
If there were, I would have bought it.
And believe me, it would be one of my favorite things!
-Oprah Winfrey

We are in such a fast paced world that we want things now!  The easy way is the best… or is it?  When it comes to changing your body, weight loss, body transformation, it takes time and consistency.  And there isn’t any easy way out.

You might have tried a weight loss solution, a special fitness program, a personal trainer but yet, you still haven’t seen the results you long for.  What is the magic that you might be missing?  What is the answer to changing your body?  Have you given up on your weight loss?  I hope not..

I have to say that there is no easy way out but there is an answer.  Here’s what you can do to get results:


  • Be consistent!
  • Today.. write down exactly what you are eating and share it with a knowledgeable person.  I am here for you, share it with me though the contact me page.
  • Today.. write down exactly what you are doing to exercise, not what you hope to do, but what you are actually doing today, tomorrow and the next day.  Share it with me, contact me. (please don’t think I’m going to charge you – I will help you!)
  • Use a heart rate monitor to be sure you are working intensely enough and yet, not over doing it.
  • Get real with what is going into your mouth! Too much good food will still add up and will still make you gain weight.  80% of the weight loss battle is fought with your diet!  Write it down, share with me, contact me.
  • Look at your supplements.. do they add up to too many calories or do they work well into your daily food plan?  If you supplement, be sure to make the right space for it, rather than doubling up a meal.

You are welcome to contact me! I love to help people, especially when they might be stuck at a plateau.  I was once stuck at a plateau, then I got even more serious.  I got my measurements taken, recorded my current weight, took a before picture.  That propelled me being even more serious about my eating habits.   I started Turbo Fire and 6 weeks of being consistent, doing less than an hour short and effective workouts, I was changed!!  And best thing.. I more time with my child and more energy.  Anyone can!

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