How to Lose Weight Fast for Women over 40:  “Table Push-Aways”

It can be so hard to lose weight because of one thing.. habit!  The habit to finish your meal, to feel terribly full, to keep on eating when you are all done and the habit to not exercise at all.  It’s a lifestyle change that changes your weight.  Once your weight moves, you will keep losing weight.  Here’s one way that has 90% of people losing weight, the Ultimate Reset.

healthy eatingOnto the topic, “Table Push-AWays.”  When you are done eating, not full but satisfied, you need to push away from the table and not go back.  It’s really that simple!  The more calories you eat, the more you will gain weight that is unhealthy – fat weight!  You want to lose weight fast for women over 40, right?  Well, it’s time to adopt this new healthy habit and use it consistently.  It works!!  Just give it a week and let me know!

You can have the world’s greatest fitness program and/or trainer like P90x or insanity but you will not lose a pound unless you adopt this healthy behavior, “table push-aways.”

On the contrary, if you are eating at the right calorie level for your needs, nearly any exercise you will help you lose weight: even bicep curls and walking.

But there are more efficient exercises to aid in fat loss and those are the ones that recruit the most muscle.  Full body, multi joint exercises, and then adding some power or a jump, will help more.  But you must be careful – too much too soon will injure you!!    Here’s a few of my favorites that don’t need a lot of equipment and are full body exercises:  deadlifts, squats, pushups, pullups, to name a few!  The stronger you get, the more weight you can lift and more fat you will burn!!!  How about fat burner lunges?!

Keep your diet right:  “table push-aways!”

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