How to Lose Weight Fast for Women over 40: Fat Burner Lunges

Lose Weight over 40

Fat Burner Lunges are a great exercise to include as part of your weight loss program.  And a great workout for women who want to lose weight fast at home!  I know that being a busy Mom of 2 little children, I need to spend my time effectively, this is all about how to lose weight fast for women over 40!  I can continue to lose weight over 40.  I am on a mission to include as many of these quick and efficient fat burner exercises as possible on this blog and on my You Tube Channel!

fat burner lungeThis one exercise is simple but effective.  It’s called fat burner lunge.  The effect of this exercise – if done right and powerfully – will be felt into the next day, with longer fat burning, increasing your resting metabolic rate for a few hours after your workout.  To increase your metabolic rate, you will have to work intensely even just for a short time, with a short rest too.  But the small investment will have your burning more calories and looking good!!

How to do the Fat Burner Lunge?  The lunge is great to start by doing it slowly, then progress to adding weight, and then add a hop between right and left lunges to make it a power lunge.  Safety:  Be sure to line up your front leg in a 90 degree angle, both for ankle and knee joints.  And be sure that your front knee does not go over your toes or that you lift your front heal.

If you think you can’t burn fat when you are “older” like over 40, you are wrong!  This works as well as other great fat burner exercises.

80 percent diet weight lossRemember, when it comes to weight loss, 80% of your effort should be in your kitchen – your diet!!  One exercise won’t save your body and get you to lose weight over 40.  It’s a team effect : diet + exercise!  Full exercise programs for women over 40 is best, rather than just pieces! And accountability – contact me for free support!


Here’s a video on Fat Burner Lunges:   Comments are appreciated!!

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