Deal with Parenting Stress Positively – Exercise Programs for Women over 40

parenting stressAre your children challenging?  Providing you with daily stress and craziness?  Of course!  No child is perfect and they desire to be independent when we want them to follow our instructions.  While it’s great that they want independence, it can be a cause for ongoing parenting stress.  Deal with the parenting stress positively with exercise!  Here is a great reason to check out exercise programs for women over 40 – the ones that take less time, intense enough to get the work done fairly quickly, and burn calories even after exercise is done!

Exercise helps relieve stress of any sort.  It give you “me” time.  It gives you a release that you need to be a good Mother and Father.

How to balance Exercise in a Crazy Mother’s life for Stress Relief!

  • Keep exercise short but effective.  30 -45 min is all you need if you work hard.  You could even do less.  Do HIIT and/or weights on the shortest days.  Proven to lose weight with short harder workouts.
  • Exercise only once a day to keep from tiring out.  That way, you will control any outbursts towards your children that are driving you crazy!!
  • Do Yoga or some relaxing exercise at least weekly.  Practice Yoga breathing especially when stressed out by your children and when you are trying to get to sleep.  yoga destress
  • Do one day of longer exercise.  Make this fun and your time.  Invite your friends or join them.  It’s your time away from your challenging child situation!

Enjoy exercise and you will make it a daily habit!  Think of exercise as more than for weight loss.  It’s “me” time and your “play” time too!

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