Winter Tubing – Kid’s Fun! and Your Exercise!

Here’s your day ahead.. you have kids and there’s snow on a hill nearby.  This is a great opportunity for you to have fun with your children and have an amazing workout, perfect for exercise programs for women over 40!  Yes, we will skip the kids craft and get in a two for one special with fat burning for all, especially you!  And a great time, exhausting your kids and unfortunately, exhausting you too!

Kids Love Sledding or Tubing!

This is easily part of exercise programs for women over 40!  And you want to know how to lose weight, right?!

Tubing fun warm sunny dayThis is it!  Get a few tubes or sleds.  Walk over to the hill and go down.  I know, it sounds simple.  The fun is in the “wow” factor.  The kids will love it and you will have fun too.  The hard part, exercise part is in climbing back up the hill.  Each time you climb the hill, be sure to carry something or someone (baby, small child, tube).  If you aren’t carrying anyone, be sure to put some energy into climbing the hill, trying to do it faster, making the exercise even harder.  That’s if it isn’t hard enough.

Tubing fun warm sunny day

This is interval training exercise.  This is one of the best things you can do to burn fat!!  And it’s a really efficient and effective way to exercise and burn fat.  You will be burning calories well after your fun sledding or tubing.  As long as you don’t eat up the calories after your fun on the hill, you will be on track to lose weight.  So be sure to skip the hot chocolate and go for a healthier soup, or a cup of tea!

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