Breakfast is Key & How to Lose Weight Fast for Women over 40

How fast do you want to lose weight, women over 40?  Do you want to lose 1lb a month or 2 a week?  I bet you’d rather lose 2lbs a week, right?!  If that’s your final answer, this is a huge tip to get the weight moving and how to lose weight fast for women over 40!

healthy breakfast for weight lossBreakfast is such an important meal of the day.  Not only will you fire up your fat burning metabolism, but you will be able to think better too.  But, people can make mistakes with breakfast so let’s be sure to get it right so that you know how to lose weight fast for women over 40!!

3 tips to Do Breakfast Right & Lose Weight fast for women over 40

  1. Soon After Waking Up – You want to lose weight, you want to be sure to have breakfast soon after waking up.  That way you fire up your fat burning metabolism right away.  You can burn more calories all day! You might exercise first and then eat, that’s fine.  But don’t wait too long because that will set yourself up for binging at lunch and later on.
  2. Filling Breakfast is Good – Keep it healthy and filling but not overstuffed.  Have whole grains that keep you full longer, like oats.  Also, be sure to have protein with your meal, making your breakfast high protein and high fiber.  This combination will keep you full longer, possibly till lunch.  Don’t skip any meals, including lunch and dinner.
  3. Portion Size Control – Keep your portions in check and under control.  If you are too full, you’ve eaten way to many calories and you will not lose weight.  The Beachbody meal planner as part of club membership has this, click here for more on club membership.

That’s it!!  You are probably thinking, “I want to desperately lose weight but can’t imagine that eating more is the answer.”  It is!!  Especially when it comes to breakfast.  If you are confused about this, please stop starving yourself, depriving yourself of energy and healthy nutrients. Contact me and/or check out club membership and the meal planner.

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