exercise habit, lose weight over 40Healthy Habits & Effective Exercise to a Thinner YOU!

Have you been wondering what it takes to get thinner?

Do you think it takes hours, each day?

Just eating rabbit food?

What are some workouts for women to lose weight fast at home?

I know, you want the secret and once you get it, you will follow it to a T, right?! Well, if you know yourself so well, you’d also know that you definitely could use a person coaching you, so that you know what you are doing works. And that person needs to walk the walk, as in exercise, eat healthy and look the part. Maybe even look like you want to look, right?!

Here’s proof…  effective exercise, less than 1 hour a day works.

One year of her life, 85lbs lost with Turbo Fire, Insanity and Shakeology.  That’s a year!  But each program is usually 60-120 days.  Of course, you can repeat it or extend it.  How many years have you put yourself off?

 Anyone can lose weight!!  Turbo Fire worked for me, after age 44, after a second child!  Here’s ME:

Lose Weight at any age from Francesca Kotomski on Vimeo.
Time to put all the excuses aside and do what really works.  Seriously, ready for workouts for women to lose weight fast at home, along with all you need to get it right in the kitchen???

Fitness+Nutrition+Support= Success

You may not want to hear it, but the truth is the nutrition part is all day and 80% of the success secret.

80 percent diet weight lossThe fitness part is less than an hour, about 5 days a week, sometimes less and if you want, more.

The support part… well, you know, without it, you are relying on yourself for your motivation. And that’s so hard to do your homework, right?!

You’re Invited to Lose Weight & Change Your Life… CHALLENGE!

Don’t you want to feel and look amazing?

How about when someone says, “you look awesome!” And fit into clothes you only dream of?

Don’t wait, sign up now for my ongoing challenges groups. This is how you do it…

  • Decide this is for you!
  • Set your goal, weight, size and a date.
  • Figure out what you like to do, then contact me for recommendations.
  • Then order your challenge pack, complete with Shakeology. Decide on the flavor.


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Weight Loss Today or Tomorrow or Next Year?

3 Options for you:

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  3. Bookmark this page.  Keep eating and doing no exercise.  And get on my Special News & Deals list, now.  When you are ready, contact me!  

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