Get out of Your Own Way!  Exercise on the Weekend – Motivation!

This post is about how to lose weight fast for women over 40 because I know you want this process to be fast but.. you don’t really want to change your weekend plans for exercise and healthy eating, do you?  Today, I hope to motivate you to change your weekend to include your healthy decision to lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy.

woman running on the weekendWe tend to fall into a routine.  And we don’t want to change the routine but we want to lose weight fast at home or at the gym, right?  Well, wouldn’t that be nice?!  Of course something has to be changed in order for you to lose weight over 40.  Weight doesn’t fall off like it used to when you were half your age!!

Are you the person who exercises only during the week because it’s conveniently in a gym at work or on the way home from work?

Are you the person who goes away every single weekend, making it a non exercise weekend?

What are your reasons for not exercising on the weekend?

Let me give you my top 3 reasons to exercise on the weekend!!

  • This is your time to enjoy exercise rather than think of it as a chore.  Do a walk or run at a different time of day, different route.  Exercise at an easier time of day that you would normally.  Enjoy not being rushed by work!
  • The week is 7 days.  A good workout week is about 5, so if you take off the 2 on the weekend, you should exercise every single day of the workweek.  That may not work in your schedule or you might just be tired.  That brings you down to 4 days, which will not give you results – most likely..
  • To build a base of cardio and strength, you need a 5 day schedule.  It’s best to take 2 days off and best that they are not consecutive.  One weekend day of exercise will give you one weekday off!

Thus you have to exercise on the weekend to be healthy!!  And get fit and live a balanced life with your family and loved ones!  You’re over 40, right?  Now you know one of the ways on how to lose weight fast for women over 40 – exercise on the weekends, space out your exercise.  Want specifics?  Contact me!!  Turbo Fire was my friend!!  and still is!! One of the best exercise programs for women over 40 – who really want to lose weight!

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