2 Easy Nutrition Add-ons to Calm You – Destress

As women around 50 +/-, and veterans, we are probably living in a fairly stressful world.  Whether it’s from past experiences in our military experience or just in life.  How about living with your spouse as he retires, your kids, your grandkids, your parents, and so many emotional decisions and turmoils.  That being said, let’s see if there’s a way to simply calm us down with nutrition!

Nutrition can be hard for people to want to do and change, because it’s a change and we don’t like change but yet, if we stay where we are currently, we will continue to live the same or worse stressful life, without relief.  Leading to illness, weight gain and too many unhappy days as you move toward and through your retirement years!  It’s not worth it.

These 2 changes are so simple!  Get some today and start tomorrow!

2 Easy Nutrition Add-ons to Calm You – Destress

Add Vitamin B complex.  This has been reported by so many people as a real fix!  Use B complex with at least 50mg of each B1, B2, B3.  Here’s the reason “brain uses B vitamins to make neurotransmitters, the chemicals that influence mood. ” Source

Add more omega 3s.  That means add fish oil supplements or simply eat more fish.  I know when I eat more fish, I feel happier, and better overall.  So try this simple fix!

I’m with you on doing this simple fix, because, after all, it’s really that simple and why not?!

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