Kick Yourself off the Retirement Fence

I’m so very inspired by retirees!  As I see their relaxed attitude and confidence. As a contrast, I see those you are still deciding and finishing off their last years before retirement.  They are tired, and probably mentally ready to sign out.

There’s a few ways to finally call it quits and retire, to include the company telling you to go by their downsizing or something.  Or you could finally decide that now is the time.

Being on the “retirement fence” is pretty stressful.  I’ve seen both people, “on the fence” and retired.  And who is happier?!  Yes, you know it!  The people that made the decision to stop running around and working so hard, finally retire.

But you are on the “retirement fence” for a reason or two or more.  Transitions are tough.  The change is really huge.  Your home-life will change.  Your title will be a “nothing” from the boss or a high position.  You won’t have a routine you have to do, but you know nothing else and kind of like the routine that’s become your life.

In the Everyday Health article by Katherine Lee, you will see the challenges and some solutions to retirement.  I’d like to talk about some retirement solutions as they relate to activity!

Keep yourself active by exercise.  This will help to increase your mood boosting chemicals, endorphins and serotonin, to keep you happier.  The activity will keep you strong against illnesses too.

Establish a routine to do things with friends.  Maybe even incorporate them into your healthy exercise routine, like going for a walk or hike together, or playing tennis.  When you establish a routine of fun, you won’t have time to be sad!

Be sure you establish a healthy aging routine for food and vitamins.  My favorite healthy aging regimen is through the isagenix products, because they really are healthy, made with top notch ingredients, New Zealand protein and so much more.  Here’s more about detoxing, so you stay free from illness and healthy aging, with telomere support.  

Contact me for fitness and nutrition strategy session to get you on the right track for retirement planning.  Healthy aging is key!  When you feel good, you can be a “young” retiree!


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