Women: Borderline High Blood Pressure = high chance for Heart Attack

When we hear the word “borderline,” we might think we are safe from a heart attack, because it’s not full blown high blood pressure and so that’s great!  I’m doing well!

I’d like to change your thought about this to a greater sense of urgency when it comes to that diagnosis of “borderline” high blood pressure, and other “borderline” problems, like prediabetes.  How about if you were hiking on a trail and you saw a steep downhill or cliff on either side?  That’s borderline too.  If you take the wrong step, you are gone.  The same thing is true for “borderline” conditions.  It is a real chance you are taking to stay on that “cliff” of life, hoping that the heart attack won’t happen.

It does happen.  A heart attack for women is very different in symptoms and becuase of that, could lead to death since the response is too slow.  I’ve seen too many articles stating that a young woman under age 50 died from heart attack, when she had plenty of warning to take care and do what it takes to reduce her blood pressure.  Please listen and take some action today to change your health profile.  Feel free to contact me to get started and get real motivation too.

I want you to take some practical advice that could change your health profile, starting today!  Two things you need to do and it’s a lifestyle change, so be prepared to be open to incorporating this into your life and your loved ones.

Expert Advice to Protect Your Heart: 3 tips!

Stick with Exercise:  You can stick with exercise if you do some of my tips… Start out with a small amount of time and move up slowly.  Be sure you like the exercise so it will become part of your lifestyle, rather than one of your many “to do’s.”  And be sure to strength train, either at the gym or work your way into it by carrying heavy things, rather than taking an easier way out.  Your exercise session need not be long, but just enough to do something to start and then to add in more time, more strength and cardio, and some stress relieving Yoga time too.

Control Cravings:  When you control cravings, you most likely won’t be eating as much, and start to lose weight towards your healthy body weight and BMI.  Less weight, less risk of heart attack.  First, be sure to drink a lot as that will stave off hunger.  Second, eat slower and more mindfully, enjoying the dining experience.  Eating on the go will only add calories as you never end up feeling satisfied until it’s too late.

Calm your Mind and Body: Getting stress out of your body so you can live more peacefully and sleep better will help with weight loss and help with a healthy heart profile. Prep for sleep in a very relaxing way so you get to sleep quicker and remain asleep.  I use a special spray that has melatonin and I’m having nice deep sleeps, fully rested feeling!  More info on this sleep spray that could save your brain too! contact me to get started with this.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end of the article.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Feel free to contact me for a complimentary strategy session to get you started or trouble shoot why what you are doing isn’t working.  Additionally, I run 5 day motivational groups to get you back on track which will help you too!  Talk soon!  Be happy!!

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