Inviting.. Women Veterans who feel Invisible, Alone

In looking at the top issues for women veterans, one of the major issues is “invisibility.”  Translate = alone.

“Many returning female vets have felt isolated, unacknowledged and invisible in a civilian society that either can’t fathom what they’ve been through, or discounts their military experience as somehow less challenging than that of male veterans.” Newsmax

Do you feel this way?  Are you wondering if there’s a way to connect with like minded veterans who have made a huge difference like you?

You’ve been through so much.  We all have.  And yet, the American public, work, men and everyone doesn’t really get what happened and our big jobs in keeping this country free.  It’s almost like it was a nightmare or a world away, but yet, we know the stories, and exactly what happened, with all the contributions that we made.

Now, we feel alone.  The camaraderie while in the military was almost like family, besides some of the politics or bad bosses.  My best times are with my military family.  Fun and tough times.  And these times are over.  I’d go back just to get those times.

So, what can I do for you?!  My goal is to help women, and especially women veterans, to live the best and healthiest life.  To do that, I’d like to create our own special community, online of course, with phone calls and webinars to be able to get together.

Right now, I have a Facebook group set up, Healthy, Calmer YOU.  I hope you sign up for the group and also let me know that you did.  I want to meet everyone of you and help you get healthier.

Also, be sure to sign up for the newsletter, so I can inform you of other good things for you women veterans.

Focus of the posts in the group:  Anything healthy for women over 40, and 50, veterans and definitely including my favorite topics to get you back on track with healthy life!  Nutrition, exercise, detoxing, cleansing, simple exercise you can do anywhere, and of course, ways to destress and become happier.

Find more information about the study “These were just some of the findings of a September 2014 study, “Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home,” published by Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and widely reported on in national news media as the country began to address the women’s veteran population boom. ”

Feel free to contact me to see what strategy could work for you to get back on track, and maybe just to let me know some ways I can serve you!

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