Constipation.. 3 Tips to go from Constipation Belly to Flatter Belly

Gassy bellyIf you are a woman and over 40, you might have experienced some constipation or a lot!  Kind of a personal thing, right?!  However, this personal thing has solutions! This has been a personal thing for me and I made up my mind to figure it out.  There is a better way.

Here, I’ll give you 3 tips to get a flatter belly.  Because, if you experienced constipation, you will get a belly bulge just cause you are all stopped up and it’s so discouraging if you are doing your best to lose weight and it’s constipation that slowing you down, energy, weight loss and more!!

Nutrition – have at least 3 salads or green smoothies a day!  Morning, noon, evening.  My morning salad is a chunky smoothie with cucumber, parsley, kale, spinach and coconut water, all ground up.  I have a regular salad for noon and evening.  I’m also pretty careful to limit gluten, although I don’t eliminate it.  That could be stopping you up, or if unsure, experiment!

Additions to your nutrition.  You might say you eat healthy and I would say I do as well but admit it, you don’t feel well when you are stopped up.  You have to do something different or you will remain this way.  Add in a gentle cleanse and detox.  Toxins in your body (everyone has them) hold onto fat but also mess up everything your body is supposed to do naturally.  I also add in organic apple cider vinegar to my waters.  Also, no matter how healthy you eat, today’s food supply wasn’t grown in healthy soil.  Our soil is very depleted of nutrients so be sure to add in very healthy supplements that are organic and with healthy processing, see this video.  This addition changed my world too!

Exercise.  By moving more and different ways, your internal system will also move more!  Do twisting motions, besides the normal up and down motions of walking or running.  One of the best yoga poses for digestion is Down Dog.  Be sure to take 5 deep yoga breathes to really feel the breath well into your abdomen.  That will help!!

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