3 Top Ways to Happily Fix a Skipped Breakfast Routine.. since you want to lose weight

According to Huffington post article, 31 million Americans skip breakfast everyday!  That’s a lot!  Some of the reasons include: being too busy or running late, besides not hungry.  I bet you can relate.  I know I’ve had troubles with “running late” but somehow I am convinced I feel better and don’t make food mistakes later if I have something now.

Here’s why breakfast or any meal is important enough not to skip (prevention):

  • You might gain weight, even after a period of weight loss, with the gained weight being ugly and unhealthy belly fat.
  • You probably will make up for the skipped meal with a poor choice later.
  • You won’t have enough energy for your day or your workout, and possibly skip it.
  • You workout will be less than it could have been.  If you had the calories, you’d work harder.
  • Your necessary nutrient intake will most likely be deficient, setting you up for unhealthy results (disease, illness).
  • You could get sick, with less calories for your needs and less nutrients.

Whew, that was a big list of why you need to get food into your body!  I promise it’s not hard!  I want to share with you the top tips so you don’t skip a meal again!

3 Top Ways to Happily Fix a Skipped Breakfast Routine.. since you want to lose weight

  1. Have a shake ready to go.  Here’s my fav! Freebee too. Organic, top notch protein from New Zealand etc.. and very tasty.
  2. Have a simple item ready to go.  This item can be easy enough to make, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or other type of handheld food.
  3. Talk yourself out of stopping somewhere because after all, you’re running late and a long line of cars will cause you more stress and cause you more lateness!!  Get it from home.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end.  You are obviously motivated to get going.  To get the results you want from your nutrition and fitness programs, you need something that works for your lifestyle and have the motivation to actually do it.  Someone on your back, sound familiar?  Your options…

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