Lose Weight at Home or the Gym?  Which works better?

Lose Weight over 40

exercise at home, lose weight over 40, p90xWhen you choose to be fit, lose weight over 40, you have to make a plan so that you can be successful.  A plan starts with a goal and then moving onto each individual step.  One of the important steps of your plan is determining when and where you will exercise.  Will it be using some of the popular home exercise video programs or will it be using a local gym?  Either way, you can lose weight but which one will you actually do and be honest.  That’s the only way to lose weight!

The gym.  You can sign up for a gym membership, running you about $50+ a month.  What you get.  A membership card so that you can use the gym anytime they are open and use their equipment.  This does not give you a personal training package of visits and not enough direction for you to have a weight loss program.  You still have to pay more for a program to lose weight!

The popular home exercise videos, such as p90x, Insanity, Brazilian Butt Lift, Turbo Fire and more.  You might wonder.. are these people for real?  Did they lose the weigh or was it airbrushed?  I’m here to tell you, I’ve met some of these people and when you hear how losing weight can change their life and their loved ones, it’s priceless.  Let me remind you.. You can lose weight over 40.  It’s so very possible.  I lost weight with Turbo Fire!

2 questions about home exercise videos.  What do I need and will I be motivated?  You won’t need much for a weight loss program. And you will be motivated since they include your free Coach, ME!  Ask me all your questions!  And includes a motivational challenge group, if you want.   Anyone that’s in a challenge group loses weight!

With a gym membership, you don’t have a motivational partner, you have a social scene but that doesn’t help.  Try it, if I haven’t convinced you by now.

You can lose weight over 40.  Here’s a short video:

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