How to Lose Weight off Your Thighs

And Lose Weight Over 40

The thighs are many women’s worst feature.  The thighs are the area that we as coaches and trainers are most asked to help people change.  Age doesn’t help either, but we canlose weight over 40, I promise!!  We want to fit into the bathing suit and the slim jeans and dress for a special event, but the thighs always seem to stop you.  This doesn’t always have to be the case, so let’s talk about How to Lose Weight Off Your Thighs!

There’s no spot reduction but there are better exercises for the thighs!  Wouldn’t it be great if we could spot reduce?  Or would that look crazy to be perfect in one area and fat in another.  So it’s a blessing in disguise, right?!

You want to use the whole body, preferably the lower body!  This will help lose weight off your thighs.  Some of the better exercises to lose weight off your thighs include whole body and specifically, whole lower body exercises.  You want to be able to use as much of the lower body as possible.  This means, not just squats or leg lifts.  Do a fast walk or jog or run with intervals.  That works very well!  I’ve experienced results from this!!

You want to use some power exercises, when you are ready.  I know in your mind, you are ready to lose weight off your thighs NOW.  But in order to be successful, you need to do it consistently, over time.  Power means, adding jumps to your exercises.  This is incorporated in some of the best fitness programs, such as p90x 2 and Insanity.

As with any weight loss area, be realistic and at the same time hopeful.  Real in that you can lose weight, 1-2lbs a week and hopeful, knowing that plenty of people have lost weight over 40 and overcome obesity at any age.  You can lose weight over 40  too!  Contact me for support and join one of our motivational challenge groups.

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