Sugar addiction, 100 Calorie packs…

Lose Weight over 40

Lose weight over 40, stop 100 calorie packWhen you reach for a snack, is it salty or sweet?  If it’s sweet, are you prepared with a 100 calorie pack or just reach for the king size candy bar?  Do you want to overcome your sugar addiction and lose weight?  If you are like me, you are getting older and want to lose weight over 40Do consider seriously in getting rid of your sugar addiction with a “challenge.”

Sugar addiction and the 100 calorie packs..  In an effort to help people portion size their sugar cravings, they came up with the 100 calorie pack.  But the thing is, it’s still unhealthy and filled with additives and sugar!  The next 100 calorie pack is ready for the next snack craving.  As adults, we are in control of our diet and can easily reach for the next 100 calorie pack, full of sugar, fueling our sugar addiction.  Get rid of your sugar addiction if  you seriously want to lose weight over 40! your “challenge” awaits..

Here’s an easy rule of thumb, Moms and Dads:  if your kids really love it then the food is probably fattening or full of sugar, neither of which is any good for you.  They will take all your perfectly portioned 100 calorie snack packs for the midnight and/or TV snack time.  They will probably eat much more than 1 too!

Anyone truly serious about losing weight must consider dropping sugary, sweet snacks and desserts.  They have no place in a weight loss plan, especially, as we get older we really need to do the right things to keep the weight off, you can lose weight over 40.  Our taste buds and body only wants more sugar when starting the day with sugar.  Get rid of sugar and get rid of weight.  You are welcome to join our free support & “challenge” for your sugar addiction and weight loss, just contact me.

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