Yes, I’m Stressed! Now What?!

Are you stressed out?  Nowadays, who isn’t?!  We have different Stress destress stressors in our life, some worse than others, but one thing we have in common is our varying techniques of handling it. By the way, part of my 5 day group for self care.. more info

Don’t you admire the person who can handle stress so smoothly and don’t you want to be like her?!  I have one of those friends, well, more than one!  I am amazing with such grace she can do anything, even handling stress.  How does she handle stress?

Let’s deal with stress gracefully..  Here’s how.

She runs or walks outside.

She surrounds herself with friends who are happy and positive.

She eats healthy, and less caffeine.

She knows when to relax and does it very well!

She goes to bed early, especially from a stressful day.

Now, what are we doing?  I know some of you, myself included, deal with stress by having an alcoholic drink, shouting or being mean to others, going to bed late, too much coffee and sugary treats (cause after all, you deserve it!), and no exercise.

After you stress out and eat out, time to get back to exercise.  I promise, this will lead to that calm feeling so you can deal with anything, like the wonder woman you are.  Use the caffeine to get you rerosie-we-can-do-itvved up to exercise, and you’ll exercise even harder and get to calm even quicker!  With all that harder exercise, you’ll be more likely to sleep deeper and need to get to bed earlier.

Well, is that a deal?!  Will you do it?  That’s what I do and if I don’t, I might be grumpy.  And not the best version of myself.

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