Sugar is as addictive as Cocaine!

You may have heard this before, but sugar is as addictive or more than cocaine.  This is not something we should eat in moderation.. “everything in moderation.”  For some of us, once we start eating more sugary things, we have trouble stopping and therefore, don’t even eat any sugary stuff.  I promise, it’s well worth the wonderful energy you will feel and you will lose weight within the first week!  This is no joke!  And I’m not guessing.  My results speak for themselves.

5 day Drop Sugar Challenge group

2016-10-31-13-59-53I hosted a 5 day Drop Sugar Challenge group and my participants who stuck with it, dropped weight.  After the challenge was over, they continued to lose weight and more than 10 and 20lbs gone just because of this simple challenge.  Although it’s not simple but the concept is.

Feel free to contact me to sign up for this challenge and complete and application.  I’d be glad to run it ASAP.  No extra food is needed.  We have an online group that does this together.  Recipes and workouts are shared but your check in daily is critical.

JOIN Drop the Candy, Drop the Weight Challenge

Includes sugar and candy substitutes to get you off the habit and away from this harmful addiction.  Support, recipes, support, exercise suggestions, accountability partner and more!  Most people lose weight and get back on track with healthy eating.  Be sure to indicate you are interested in the next Drop the Candy, Drop the Weight in the application CLICK HERE to apply


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