Calories don’t Count! But this does..

Counting calories is what so many dieters do, but don’t they eventually get off their diet?!  Calories are essentially defined as a

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unit of energy.  Something we all need is energy.  Calories are not all created equal.. some are from sugars, fats that are unhealthy and foods that have been highly processed.  If you skipped all these calories/foods, you’d have a better chance of losing weight and becoming healthier than just counting calories and eating what you want.

I’m suggesting here that you get onto a lifestyle of healthy eating and get to a “normal” healthy weight without counting calories.  When I’m counting calories, I feel like I’m stuck in a box, almost like I’m put into time out, so I almost immediately fall off the band wagon and skip it anyway.

What if you counted veggies and protein servings?  You only need about 2 cups of vegetables according to Choose MyPlate, for a woman 51 years and older.   When it comes to protein, you only need 5 ounces, or two small meat servings.   But the active person needs more. You are more active just by moving more, working, and doing so much for your family.  The government tells us the bare minimums of what we need but for vibrant health, energy and what you really want in life, you will need more and healthy options of everything.

Fruit & Vegetable BasketWhy veggies?  Because they will help you feel full longer. They replace foods of higher calories and lower nutrition, ultimately letting you feel more energy, less guilt too!

Why protein?  Because they will help you feel full longer!  Again!  And again, they have lower calories per gram that a fatty, non nutrition, comfort food or snack.

Go ahead, skip the processed, ready to eat, foods and you will see that you will become more satisfied with healthy eating.  You can make healthy eating into “ready to eat” anytime, with a little planning.

So.. take the challenge!  Shoot for minimum amount of veggies and protein.  If that’s no problem to achieve, then double it!  I promise you will feel so much better!  Contact me for additional motivation to get on track! And for the next FREE 5 day support group.


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