The Benefits of a Vigorous Walk for Exercise and Weight Loss

A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.   Paul Dudley White

Sometimes, the most simple thing can do the most good for your body.  Walk!  Everyone walks.  Some people walk slow, some fast, however, some avoid as much walking as possible while others want to walk as much as possible.  The simple exercise of walking can do you so much good.  It can really change your health and outlook on life!

What if you walked vigorously for 5 miles, nearly everyday?  Would that be more than what you are doing right now?  Here’s your challenge…  If it’s more than now, then challenge yourself this week to add a day or two more of walking vigorously.  Write it down, take a friend.  If it’s less than you do now, ramp up one of your workouts with one minute pushes, where you are walking or running a little faster.  Make your commit real by contacting me and letting me know you will challenge yourself and want me to check on you.

Why would you walk vigorously or run or walk faster?  The more energy you expend by exercising vigorously, the more calories you will burn.  When you run faster for a minute at a time, the effects of the “after burn” calories might be felt into the next day.  Meaning, that you will be burning more calories than a normal easy going walk.  So ramp it up!  Ramp up your calorie burn and then you will have more weight loss and flatter belly!

Take a vigorous 5 mile walk today.  Invite your friends and invite me, but don’t wait for someone when you want your weight loss and health more than anyone else!  Enjoy!

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