Subs… Stay on Track with Weight Loss

sub halved for weight lossI went to a sub shop to get a dinner on the go.  I found that you can order a foot long for $6.69 or a 6 inch for $4.69.  Wow!  There’s hardly a difference in price! But here’s the problem when you want to save money and buy the foot long…  You’ll probably eat the whole thing and overeat, gaining weight.  Stopping your weight loss.

Here’s the solution, maybe you know it already..  You need to eat moderately, not to fullness if you want continued weight loss success or just don’t want to gain any unhealthy weight.  Order the full footlong sub but be sure to put away half of it, out of sight and out of reach.  That way you won’t be tempted to eat the rest or just one more bite.

Stick with weight loss, it is reachable, you can do it!!

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