Is Healthy Eating Expensive?  Yes and No..

healthy eating expensive who pays the price
by Beachbody

Healthy Eating can be expensive – but only by $1.50 a day, amounting to a few hundred a year.  The more expensive thing is to lose your health, to be less than you want to be for your work, less productivity, less pay.  To be less than you want to be for your kids and other loves in your life. To enjoy life less.  To get sick and people wait on you, as well as you buying more medicine to get well, and more doctor’s visits and tests to help you out.. oh, the laundry list grows!!!  Feel free to comment and add to it!  Let us know why you eat healthy – besides feeling no stomach aches, healthy weight, better complexion…

healthy eating expensive
by Beachbody

Where did the researchers get the number $1.5o more money per day on healthy foods?  They looked at the money it costs calorie per calories. They found that healthy food does cost more per calorie.   Kind of makes sense when we realize that healthy foods are less calorie dense but can cost to get the right foods.  Read on and join me with healthy eating!! FREE diet group!

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