How can a Diet and/or Exercise Challenge Help Me?

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You’ve tried many things and yet, you wonder what will help you get to the right weight.  Could it be a special diet or a special exercise program?  Maybe.. learn what has many people achieving results when they never could have done this on their own!

This is not hype, in fact, far from it.  A person who is so into sugar and did the drop sugar, drop weight challenge and won – losing 4lbs in less than 2 weeks!!  Others like her, achieved similar results.

We help each other as long as each person follows the rules, they will achieve results.  It will happen.  I’ve never seen a person not get results – when they follow the rules!

The rules for accountability/challenge group that make YOU successful:

  1. Exercise 30 min daily
  2. Stick to eating often, at least 3x day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  3. No sweets – meaning no refined sugars
  4. Plenty of water – around 70 ounces or more.
  5. Be sure to post daily to the group that you did it, that you had some struggles but reporting in.  When a person reports in, they will get results.

All participants have to do a “before” photo and measurements.  At the end, they do an “after” photo too.  These are put together to inspire future  participants.  Plus, this gets your mind in the game, that you want to your “after” photo to be amazing!!  You want to change!  All participants must be a member of with exerciseyourway as your referring coach.  Here’s where you put your measurements, talk on message boards and more!!

Well?  Are you thinking this might be for you?  Go to accountability groups and sign up.  Also, contact me on FB or here or twitter to get started sooner than later!!

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