Running – One of the Best Exercise Programs for Women Over 40

Running.. it’s so simple.  You walk out your door and start jogging and going a little faster, bringing that to a run.  That’s it.  Very simple.

Running has taught meAs simple as running is, it has brought so much more to my life!  If you are a runner, you can probably relate and invite your comments below.  If you are not, consider taking up running.

Running Teaches Me More Than Fitness… It’s so Much More!

  1. It’s “me” time.
  2. Gives me a natural high, the “runners high.”
  3. Gives me thinking time, where I work out different problems or issues.  This is when I get very creative and thoughts just come to me!!
  4. It teaches me about my breath – how important breathing is and how grateful we can breath and run.
  5. It teaches me about my inspiratory muscles.  Yes, those muscles that make it possible to breathe.  If you lay off running for a while, those muscles will not be worked.  When you get back to running, you will feel “new” muscle aches around your ribs!  It’s amazing actually!
  6. It teaches me good posture, as that’s important to breath.
  7. The little things in life are interesting – like seeing a squirrel cross in front of you, leaves, trees moving and so much more!
  8. It keeps my life simple and fun too.

There’s more, but here’s your chance.  Please share your thoughts!

If you haven’t gotten into running yet, maybe my post will inspire you to.  Start a running program slowly, alternating running with walking.  As you progress, shorten the walking time, making it more running.

You are all invited to be part of an accountability group to change your workouts, to keep you strong.  Consider the complete challenge if you are a runner or the 5 day exercise habits challenge.  Or just contact me!

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