Getting Started with Pull Ups using Bands! This is how you can exercise at home!

pull ups bandYou want to exercise at home but maybe don’t want to deal with more equipment than necessary.  If you’ve chosen p90x or p90x 2 or p90x 3 (30 min program – huge thumbs up for busy people), then you will need to do pull ups.  But this can be modified for those of us who are not strong enough for a traditional pull up with a pull up bar and for those of us who are busy traveling.

Use a band with a door attachment.  Be sure that your band is thick and strong.  They are not expensive one bit, but just be sure you get enough strength out of the band rather than the easier thickness.Pull ups at home

Great!  Now, you will use the door attachment and place it in the door jam. Shut the door and you are all set.  oops.. did you put the band through the door attachment loop?  If you didn’t, you will need to repeat to get the band in there.

Great!  Perform your first pull up!  Be sure to have a flat back and pull those elbows back, like you are squeezing your shoulder blades tight into your spine.

Here’s a short video for those of us who’d prefer to see it in action!

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