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by Beachbody

One simple way to help yourself conquer your cravings – and this goes for any unhealthy craving from Oreos to cigarettes – is to make a short list of things you love to do or that you enjoy that could distract yourself from your craving. And keep your hands busy! When you feel a craving strike, turn to that list and do something on it instead. Not only will you not experience the guilt you might feel after satisfying your craving, you’ll also feel good because you did something you enjoyed. It’s a true win-win.

Here’s mine:
1. Go sit in my garden and watch the birds.2014-03-27 16.55.28
2. Take a walk (or run) through my neighborhood.
3. Make a cup of tea. (Tea and Oreos together? Ew.)
4. Call and friend and invite them to go do something that doesn’t center around eating (hiking, yoga, knitting, the movies)
5. Do some scrapbooking or edit my photos.

What’s on your list?  Feel free to share some ideas right here as a comment.  I’d like to get more ideas for fun without food.

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