The way that is not weight loss exercise is…. not eating breakfast before your mid morning workout. Gratefully inspired by so many people who are stuck in this rut of gaining weight or just stuck at an over weight place, and yet, they still don’t eat breakfast!

What happens to your weight loss exercise plan?

  • Without breakfast, your body’s metabolism slows down. What this means is that the fat burning furnace is shut down or slowed down so much that fat is not burned during or before the exercise.
  • The body holds on to what it has since it thinks that it’s starving.
  • Your well meaning exercise further puts you in a caloric deficit, further extinguishing the fat burning fire and setting you up to add more fat onto your body.

To be successful in your weight loss exercise plan, you must eat breakfast and periodically during the day. It must, must, must happen. No matter how busy you are. If you really want to get slimmer and healthy, it’s best with food rather than starvation. Check out this option:

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