When it comes to exercising, there are a few ways to do it.  You can work out by yourself or you can workout with a buddy.   You can workout in the gym, at home or outside.

Many people believe that their exercise plan must include working out with a buddy for the best results.  Recent research has disproved this!  You will actually exercise harder if you workout by yourself.  If you are with your buddy, you will last longer, stress less and enjoy it more.  So, how can you make your own workout longer and more enjoyable?   Add something fun, like listening to music or an audio.  Or do the exercise in a new place, a new park or neighborhood.  Or even do a DVD to change things up in your exercise plan.  Here’s a great example video that is challenging:

The place you exercise makes a difference too.  If your exercise plan includes exercising inside your home or at the gym, you will typically exercise harder.  But if you plan to exercise outside, then you will last longer, enjoy it more and stress less.

The bottom line to all this research about buddying up or heading outside or home or gym is this:  count on yourself for your exercise plan first and foremost and head outside to change up those indoor workouts.  It’s good to exercise longer and good to exercise harder, just keep it balanced and fun!

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