Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.
— Plato

Have you been moving more since January?
Is this year different from past years?
Is it time to get back to being fit and move daily?

Sometimes, we drop off from exercise but that doesn’t mean that we need to continue on the path of a “lack of activity.”  We can start moving at anytime.  This is a major thing that needs to be done to be healthy and vibrant, to preserve your body.  Another thing you need to do is feed your body healthy foods, in moderation.  Between moving more and eating healthfully, you will achieve a more healthy and vibrant body.  And lose weight too!

What if you don’t preserve your body and just let it go?  If you are not preserving what you have, it will start to deteriorate.  This could happen faster for some than for others.  Just think, if you didn’t water your garden, it would dry up, wither and die.  You would not have beautiful red tomatoes.  The best gardens are grown with watering, plant food and lots of TLC.  Are you treating your body like you would your garden?

Let’s be honest.  If you don’t exercise, this is what happens, if you do this is what happens.  NOW is the time to move more, don’t wait another day.  Be consistent and you will reach your health and fitness goals.

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