We’ve all started a fitness program at one time in our lives but did we stick with it?  That’s the hardest part.  We might find a reason to stop and as you know, the reasons are plentiful!  But how about some reasons to keep going and reach your fitness goal?

Here are the top reasons why people keep going, even in the face of something better to do:

  • Fitness
  • Feelings of well-being
  • Pep and energy
  • Enjoyment of the exercise
  • Making exercise a priority
  • Sleeping better
  • Feeling alert
  • Being relaxed
  • Weight management
  • Appearance

So, what motivates you?  What will help make exercise a priority day in and day out?  Do you like exercising with friends?  Here’s an idea, be a member (free) of the wowy gym, enter chats, enter your workouts for daily money giveaways.  And join me there!  Here’s a link  http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/exerciseyourway then be sure to find me, “exerciseyourway” so we can be buddies.

Here’s some ideas to keep you going:

  • Do something fun.  Makes sense that something fun will keep you coming back for more!
  • Exercise with someone else.  Bring your friends into exercise.  Just think about the possibilities of weight loss between both of you!
  • Be accountable to someone – you are welcome to share food and exercise progress with me!
  • Make exercise a priority.  Morning times are best to just get it done, so get it done today!!

What works for you to keep you going?  Feel free to share here on on Facebook in my profile or fan page.

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