“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.”

Who doesn’t want to become more fit, weight less, and healthier?! Of course you do. But here’s the thing, you can’t just wish for it, or say “someday” or plunk down money. Fitness is something we have to work for but it really doesn’t have to be that daunting.

Today, put away the wishful thinking that “someday, when I’m thinner or fitter…” and set a date when you will be thinner or fitter. Once you set a date, months away or a year away, then be sure to post it and become serious about making steps towards achieving that goal.

Your steps can be relatively small and simple at first. You will see and feel changes almost right away!! Isn’t that encouraging?! Keep it simple with a walk, something fun, exercising with friends. Make it more than the number on the scale, make it fun and daily.

You can’t buy your fitness. Go ahead by the latest video, which by the way, is Insanity: Asylum and soon to be a follow on to P90x. But that won’t change your body unless you press play! You have to do more than just buy a training package or a video package. You have to do as the experts recommend. Believe me, it works!! Living proof.

So what is stopping you?! Nothing, right?! Let’s hear from you, what you are doing to change your fitness. I’m here to support you!

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