“If you’re asking your kids to exercise, then you better do it, too. Practice what you preach.”
by Jenner

What if someone tells you what to do, gives you all the best advice on nutrition and then they reach for the worst food choices?  Do you think you are ready to follow their ideas?  Or seek new advice?

Your family and friends are looking at you in everything you do.  There are some people that will follow you because they trust you so much and know you do the right things.  You are their example.  Most likely, you are your kids example and they will follow you.. one day.

Now is the time to really get into your exercise program.   Show your family and friends that this program is here to last and that you are getting results.  Some people are “waiters.”  They wait to see results and they are watching you.  They might even hope you fail.  Go through your exercise program with your ears and eyes shut, not listening to those who think you won’t last.  Know that you will get results that will motivate others and totally change your life in the process.

Just imagine your body sizes smaller and feeling much more stamina and energy?!  Your family will love it and will love to walk, run or hike together – now that you can.  Exercise today for the ones you love.  Set the example!!

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