What is stopping you from exercising?  Do you think you need a piece of equipment that might be a bit expensive?  Do you think you really NEED this?

I can bet that the equipment that you are missing, that might kind of break the bank, is not stopping you from exercising.  There are other reasons why you are not exercising and it’s not the lack of equipment or lack of gym membership.

The number 1 reason why people don’t exercise is time and how you organize time.  We are all given the same amount of hours in the day.  We choose to spend them at work, with family, eating, sleeping, and doing other things.  It’s how we organize the category “doing other things” that really affects our decision to exercise.

Part of “doing other things” is commuting to the gym and other possibly unnecessary commutes to and from multiple errands.  Now to focus on the gym commutes: if you take out the gym commutes, you probably have an additional 30 minutes.  Exercise at home and you don’t need the expense or the time of the gym.  The gym also takes more time since you might be more social and who knows, you might also check yourself in the mirror multiple times.  That all takes time.  Bring your workouts home, exercise at home and you will find more time to do a real good hard core workout.

Now, where might you find a good workout that gets results without a huge expense or equipment that takes space?  You may have heard of P90X and Insanity.  Let’s focus on those workouts..

P90X will require more equipment.  It requires resistance bands, possibly dumbbells, a mat, chin up bar and the DVD system.  They also recommend supplements since it is very intense and you will need this to get results.

Insanity is done with body weight.  You will not need equipment for the most part.  Yes, you will need supplements since it is intense and to get results, you will need more good supplements.

So, what is stopping you?  Keep it simple and you will find the time.

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4 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Equipment Won’t Get You to Exercise

  1. In today’s busy life,Sometime it becomes hard to find time for workout at gym,Work out at home is and easy and less time consuming activity.

  2. I have to admit, I’m a slouch and a lazy person in every sense of the word. No wonder I got into this 200lbs body. I usually have all the high-tech gym equipment in my house; from dumbbells to treadmills but I don’t work my ass off.

    1. Now is the time to get to work! Since you have the equipment, just need motivation and a plan to use it, right?

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