At this time of year, it might be the most challenging thing to do to stop touching candy.  But if losing weight is important to you, you need to do it.  Some motivational tips to follow..

Here’s why you need to stop eating candy:

  • Eat sugar and you will want more, want more you and you will eat more.
  • Fat calories add up quickly at 9 calories per gram.  There’s 3500 calories in one fat pound.  Just take a moment, write down your candy calories all day and see that you have really slipped away from weight loss
  • Set the example for moderation for your children and friends.  I said no candy for mommy and my hubby and 3 yr old doesn’t ask or take as much, if any.
  • You will gravitate towards the healthy sugars in grapes, bananas, apples, prunes, etc.  And that will work out fine.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize.  Stay with it and you will lose weight.

BTW you need to move more to get more calories lose and burned away. Consider a home fitness program so that you are not too busy to exercise.  Your coach comes for free.  Check it out.

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