Ok, Tony Horton really psyched me up.  This is the extreme of all of his P90X workouts.  I want to tell you about my experience with this workout and assure you, YOU CAN DO IT!

At 6am, I popped in this DVD, P90X Plyometrics.  This was my cardio day and I was open to trying something new.  In the back of my mind, I knew I could turn it off if it got that bad.  I assure you, I’m not that kind of person.  I usually complete what I start.  But, to say the least, I was intimidated and a bit scared.

We got started.  The warm up started easy enough, then got into some jumping and breathing heavier.  Then the workout segment started with jumps.  These jumps were only inches, that’s it!  The thing is that you would be squatting and jumping a few inches.  The squats made it harder but the jumps were ok.  Tony Horton kept telling me to keep it light, so that he can’t hear the jumps.

The jumps sometimes went to the sides or laterally, which really broke it up and made it fun.  We did 30 seconds to a minute of each move.  Did one leg at a time moves and then both legs.  He gave us enough breaks so we could definitely last.  It was encouraging to see the others on the DVD breathing heavy when I was breathing heavy.  That told me “Ok, I’m just like them – doing ok!!”  Modifications were encouraged.   Also, Tony Horton suggested we speed up some of the jumps during some of the segments.  That really worked well and it made it fun to go from slower jumps to speedy jumps.

This workout wasn’t bad.  It was challenging but doable.  Yes, you can do it!  Seriously, you can do it.

Some advice… But.. you need to be on some supplements to deal with the metabolic demands from this workout.  Your body will be hungry all day and if you don’t feed it, your metabolism will slow, you may get a headache or whatever you feel when you don’t eat right following a workout.  I did the P90X recovery formula and ate normally, but really should have eaten more food.  This really hits the metabolism hard which is great for fat burning.

Give this program a try.  I am happy to coach you to success when you choose me as your coach. No cost.  BTW discounted P90X when you join as a coach.. Sign up here for free.

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