The Mass Dash Relay Race is a 24 hour, 200 mile road running relay race.  And a fundraiser for cancer!  It’s not for the faint at heart but will make anyone stronger as they run for this cause that strikes so many of our loved ones.  This is an amazing exercise goal for anyone.  Do you want to run and contribute to the cause?  BTW Tell them Exercise Your Way sent you!  Read on for more details about the Mass Dash…

The Mass Dash will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 17th and 18th, 2010.   This race is run day and night is a fundraiser for Cancer and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, inspired by many Cancer survivors and a close friend that lost the fight.

The race starts shortly after sunrise.  Teams of six to thirty-six runners each will run some 200 miles in a non-stop relay race comprising 36 legs across Massachusetts— from the Berkshires to Boston. In the morning, the teams will first ascend Mount Greylock, Massachusetts’ highest point, and then explore the woods of the Savoy Mountain Forest. Later on Saturday, the teams will run along the Deerfield River and by the Shelburne Falls, over
the Connecticut River at the foot of Mount Sugarloaf at dusk, and across the Winsor Dam on the Quabbin Reservoir in the moonlight— with a bonfire at the University of  Massachusetts at Amherst in between. On Sunday morning, the teams will run through the beautiful colonial towns of Westborough, Hopkinton, Sherborn and Wellesley. On Sunday afternoon, the teams will run through the Arnold Arboretum and Franklin Park in Boston, finishing the relay race and their adventure in the shadow of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, overlooking Boston Harbor on the grounds of the
University of Massachusetts at Boston. The experience will leave you absolutely breathless— We hope that you’ll be a part of the Mass Dash…
The Mass Dash: Run, Fight, and Never Forget…
Up for it?  Just do it – you will be happy that you did.  Run for someone you know who lost the fight with Cancer or someone who survived.  Make it personal and win!  Run, exercise, have fun!

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