You are on your weight loss journey, cooking better, using your old cookbooks…. Could you imagine that your well meaning weight loss intentions could actually help you gain weight?!  This blog will help you understand the trend in cookbooks and help you to modify the recipes to keep you true to your weight loss goal.

In the cookbook “The Joy of Cooking” the average calories per serving has increased nearly 40% since the 1936 edition.  Food scientists at Cornell University analyzed the 18 recipes that have appeared in each edition of “The Joy of Cooking”.  The cookbook is updated every 10 years since its first edition in 1936.  How could they really keep up with the times and our desire to eat healthier?  Beware of the creeping-calorie trend among time-tested recipes.
The same dishes appear in each edition like macaroni and cheese, chicken a la king, brownies and apple pie but the ingredients are richer and the portion sizes are bigger which has inflated the calorie count of the recipes.  Check out your cookbook.  Does it have the nutritional facts for each recipe?  If it doesn’t, odd are good that the recipe has become bigger, thus setting yourself up to become bigger as well – something you don’t want.
Lighten Your Favorite Recipes and Save Calories!
Try these variations on yourself first.   Just in case it doesn’t taste like you thought it would.  Your guests will appreciate the lighter change and feel happy to eat healthier too.
  • Use low fat yogurt instead of cream, use low fat milk when it calls for milk.
  • Use half whole wheat half white flour when it calls for white flour.
  • You don’t always have to add as much sugar.
  • Be aware of the portion sizes too.  If a recipe says it makes 12 cornbread squares, you usually can get 18-24 cornbread pieces out of it. You can always get more out of your recipe than it says.

Stay on your weight loss path and you will get there.  Modify the recipes, get more recipes from this site and others.  Stay motivated and exercise.  How about try a new exercise at home program.  Check out Hip Hop Abs or Chalene Extreme.

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