Why I stopped Shakeology

You are at the right place, at the right time for this information.  Let me tell you about when I learned about the “less than good” side of shakeology, otherwise known as the “healthiest meal of the day.”  I learned about it from a good friend who did body building competitions till age 5o.  After hearing that I had less energy than my busy life needed and that I had too much bloat which I couldn’t overcome and more awful symptoms, she very kindly told me more about shakeology.  I was in love with this supplement but after learning about metals in the shake, plus fillers, plus the source and processing of the protein, I understood why many people get problems from  shakeology and opt for something better and different.

Here’s a shake comparison, in case you are shopping around.  Shake comparison document.

Fortunately, I was in the right place and the right time.  I learned about the New-IsaLean-Pro-a-meal-replacement-shakeright way to eat from the “Primal Blueprint” book by Mark Sisson.  That we should have less fruit, more veggies, and more protein, much more.  With all this info, I decided to incorporate Isagenix Isalean pro into my world!

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The jump start to for weight release

Enjoy a short Isagenix Cleanse, complete with shakes (from happy cows and organic).  This is a shortened 30 day weight loss program.  Proven to work better than the heart healthy diet.  Start here or 30 days, followed by maintenance. Simple for those of us on the go!  I cleanse too! Gives me energy, health for my busy Mom life.

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I feel so much more energetic!  And happily, I have no more bloat!  Cleansing and detoxing works very well.  And I am so happy to eat the fruit rather than add it to my shake as was suggested to enhance the shakeology.  The shakes are more frothy and delicious.  They have a ton of protein!!  36 grams of undenatured (24 grams for the regular Isalean) protein, meaning that it was processed without heat and thus, becomes easily available for the body to use.  If you choose a shake that’s processed with heat, you’ll get less than half of the protein grams.  Saving money really might mean losing protein and getting what you paid for, although that’s not the case with shakeology since it’s the same price as Isalean (regular, not pro).

More info on Isalean here!

Feel free to contact me for more info or with your questions.  Here’s the shake comparison document.

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