Exercise Results.. there is a “Secret Sauce” (you have this!)

Yes, you have this “secret sauce.”  We all do.  But do we use it?  It’s the difference between an a pro athlete and a recreational athlete.  Assuming that they both have the same potential.  It’s the difference in losing weight and staying at your current weight.  It’s the difference in getting more out of some aspect of your life or staying in the current lifestyle or situation  — kind of like a job that must change but change is hard!  We’ve all done something hard to get something better, right?!?!

It’s all about how much you are putting into your exercise or life or business or whatever you want to change.  Intensity. Focus.

I like to compare me against me.  I’m not competitive as you will soon learn..  Let me share 2 stories about how I realized that I wasn’t working as hard as I could.  Two places.  Here’s a less intense example, one you can do right away!  I was in Yoga and doing the same poses, over and over.  And this time, I decided to do what I tell my students “exhale and relax into the pose, get yourself lower and lower.”  When I did this, I was amazed at how much I was missing out!  I got a much better stretch than going through the motions!  You can too!!  Your results will improve!

And secondly, I was on a bike ride with a group.  We were climbing a hill and I was just chugging along, hoping it would be over with sooner than later!  Our leader then said,


“go catch up to Thea.  You can do this!”  At first I thought, “yeah, right.”  Then I just did it and I overtook her by a lot!  I was amazed and proud that it was possible to do so well on something I usually dread, hills!

Today, go do your exercise but see what else you can do.  How far you can stretch yourself in Yoga or other exercise or a life/work situation you are faced with.  You will be so proud and surprised!  I promise, you will be happy and want to share it with the world.  Feel free to share it with me!  I look forward to you contacting me or commenting right here.  If you’d like to partner up with me, to get some tips and possible coaching or training, contact me.  I will help you get more into your exercise and nutrition, making results happen for a lifetime.

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