Marital Advice + Exercise Equipment = Results!

wedding ringsI’m going into marital advice with this post.  But only on the surface!  Kinda.  Motivated by a man who said he bought a top notch bike for his wife so that she would ride with him and get into better shape.  She still hasn’t used it.  Not into it.

Have you been the recipient of a bike or some exercise equipment or videos?  And you didn’t use it?  I’m on your side.. it makes perfect sense that you didn’t use it.  Why?!

Your spouse didn’t listen to you and what you really want to do for exercise.  Do you know what you want to do for exercise?  Or do you know and you haven’t spelled it out?  Let’s tackle the first question…

First, find out what you want to do for exercise.  Think.. it’s all about having fun!   Yes, the fun part will keep you coming back for more.  Fun will lead you to results, almost effortlessly!  It will keep you looking forward to it.  You’ll want to do it with other people.  Think about what you had fun doing while on vacation.  What you had fun doing when you were younger.  What gave you a peaceful feeling or a freeing feeling or an “on top of the world” feeling.   Please share in the comments and contact me to share too!  That will be your first step to taking care of you and possibly exercising with your spouse too!!

Second, be sure to spell out this fun exercise desire to your spouse.  If it couple exercise walkingrequires equipment, money, time, anything, then at least he knows and won’t get something that you are not into.  Include the color, the components of the bike, and continue to be very detailed.  If you are unsure, what a great time to go to a place and learn more together!  My husband learned more about kayaking when I told him I wanted one and that I was doing some research.  He also researched it and then bought me one for Mother’s Day.

If what you also want is to get on track with your weight loss, or healthy eating, I have that for you here.  You will get all the tools you need, nutritionally and exercise program to get you on track and stay on track.  Have a look at work with me!  Make it a healthy day, full of the right choices!

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