Having a Bad Bra Day is not a Fun Exercise Day!Post Having a bad bra day wm.

If you think that the kind of bra doesn’t matter, you are very wrong!  We need to get this right for many reasons to include:

  • comfort
  • saggy boobs
  • looks
  • distraction

Let’s have a fun exercise day with these bra tips:

Size is important! Your size is you!  So be sure to get your size and not mine.  You’ll be a lot happier, I promise.  You will eliminate distraction and the saggy boob issue right here.

Color.  Some of us love to get into a really colorful bra so that if it shows on the side of your tank top, you can see be beautiful.  Go for it!  Get the right right color or a variety of colors.

Be sure to get the right bra for the right exercise.  This means that if you are doing yoga, you need less support than if you walking, running or something that involves jumping.

More info here from the Gap line of sports bras!

low impact bra medium impact brahigh impact bra

Any tips I’ve missed, please feel free to comment and contact me!  I love to hear from you.  I’m open to learning.  This post was inspired by all the ladies who run, who are bouncing around.  I could only imagine how distracted I’d be!

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