Surprise! A Momma that’s Happy, Loses Weight!

It actually can be that simple!  When we are happy, there is a happy chemical or happy lose weightserotonin in our body that helps mediate impulsiveness – the “impulsive choice” and the “impulsive response.” When our impulsiveness is mediated or suppressed, you know you are more in control of what really goes on and you are more likely to be rational about your decisions to lose weight.  Isn’t that wonderful?!!  I love this!  See more about this in this article.

Now, you might be asking, that’s all well and good, but how do I lift myself up to happiness daily?

Tips to happiness

  • Enjoy the smiles.  You might get them from kids, from people walking past you, from your spouse, check out person.
  • Photos.  Look for happy memories and reminisce for a moment or more.  Close your eyes and smile.  Enjoy!
  • Yoga.  Yes, yoga can help you become happier.  It did for me!  Let me share my Yoga story, below. Be present. Focus on your breathe and keep it simple.  It works.
  • Be so very grateful.  I get so happy with each moment of gratitude.  Do this challenge.  Write down or log you gratitude daily.  Let me start.. I’m so grateful for my increased health.  I’m so grateful for all that I can physically do.

These photos are about my littlest.  He lined up his toys before bed, just so cute, gave me smiles.  And then us on the Ferris wheel.

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My Yoga happiness story – being real..

When I got married, it wasn’t all blissful because of how I dealt  with the in law’s who didn’t like me.  I realized later, they didn’t like my husband being married at all.  It wasn’t about me but I took it personally and my husband tried to deal with it.  It was challenging.  So I started Yoga.  I did it weekly at first, then more and more.  It made me calmer.  I stopped stewing on things.  I realized the truth, that it wasn’t about me.  I could use the yoga principles anywhere and anytime.  I was in the present moment when I walked, grateful and understanding of the situation.  I was happier.

Oh.. another happy few months are the months before I got married.  And I lost weight effortlessly.  So amazing.  So you see it’s that simple.  Be happy, lose weight.  Obviously, more goes into it (nutrition, exercise), but it really makes an impact.

Feel free to contact me to get you started, to commiserate about your momma life and mine.  Our veteran or military world – if you were in or are in.  Or anything stopping your happiness.  My greatest joy is to share happiness and fitness!




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