Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you.”

Just imagine having the freedom to walk and enjoy your friends.  Now, what if you didn’t have the strength to get out of the house and enjoy little pleasures like your friends and the sun and wind?  Consistent exercise helps you become healthy and fit but above all, increases your freedom to do what you want and really enjoy life!

Maybe exercise by itself doesn’t sound that appealing but if you really look at what it will give you for the long term, it’s so much more!  You get time with your friends, walking and hiking.  You can travel and walk around the islands rather than seeing the world from the inside of a tour bus.  You can really experience life!  You can feel you accomplished something by walking there rather than needing to drive everywhere.

Exercise also gives you a smaller size once you are consistent with a healthy eating plan.  A smaller size is wonderful for fitting in “fun” clothes, fitting in smaller places when you are hiking and when you are playing with your kids or grandchildren.

Finally, exercise gives you health.  Now you are not threatened by all the ills that being sedentary will give you such as heart disease and diabetes.  Watching your limbs disappear is just no fun.  It’s so much more fun to walk with friends, travel to far away places and walk the mountains and valleys in those places.

When you find a meaning of exercise beyond “I just got to lose weight!!,”  it becomes so much more fun and more meaningful and the weight loss will happen naturally.  I’ve used exercise to get my thoughts in order and to think deep.  Finally, it’s your time!!

As a mom, I know full well that we have little to no free time.  Carve it out and you will feel so much better and better able to be the best mom or parent to your young children!  You’ll be the best at your work and think more clearly too!  Enjoy the day! Contact me for more great ideas to make “me” time.

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