We are all busy people but we all still want to get the most out of our exercise programs.  The question that needs to be answered is what burns fat, exercise I can do now and quickly?

You can burn fat more quickly with cardio exercise.  For example, use a treadmill, walk or run outside, or a fitness DVD that really makes you sweat and breathe hard.  Find your favorite and do it today and everyday.  You will burn calories which will lead to fat loss.

But if you only do cardio exercise, then it might be more difficult to keep the weight off.  How can you keep weight off and burn calories even when you are not exercising?

By doing weight training, 2-3 times a week, with an intensity that gives you a challenge, you will burn calories while exercising and then all day!  Muscle needs more energy in the form of calories to recover and be maintained.  Your body will burn calories while your muscle uses it for recovery energy.   You won’t even know when you are recovering and rebuilding, when you are sitting or just enjoying the day.   So enjoy the day while you burn more calories, lose weight and become thinner.

An overall good weight loss and exercise program must include both cardio and weights.  That way you get the immediate caloric burn and then the all day caloric burn.  And you will keep it off too!  Find a program that is fun and do it!

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