lose baby weightThe Best Way to Lose Baby

by guest blogger – Tammy Byars, owner of Everything
, the largest maternity clothes locator in the United

There is no doubt that you love your new bundle of joy, but you may not
be too happy about the extra weight left over from your pregnancy. If
you’re ready to put away those maternity
and slip into your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans there are
many ways to lose the weight that don’t involve spending hours at the
gym (how many new moms have time for that?).

After giving birth, it is important not to push yourself too
hard when it comes to exercise
. Walking is a great activity for
you and baby, so get out the stroller and enjoy being outside. You will
reap the rewards of low-impact exercise, while getting some fresh air
and time in the sun.

Don’t discount exercise DVDs when
getting in shape after having a baby. There are a number of great
programs that require minimal equipment and provide great results if
done regularly. One of the greatest things about exercise DVDs
is the fact that you can do them in your own living room,
making it easy to fit in a workout while your baby naps.

Being active and exercising is essential to losing baby weight, but
you also must think about your diet. Put away
the junk food and focus on fresh, whole foods. If you are nursing you
may have a larger appetite than normal- try to snack on healthy items
throughout the day, such as fruits, veggies, or whole wheat pitas with
hummus. Plan meals that contain lean protein, whole grains, and lots of
vegetables. Don’t skip meals- this can lead to a lower metabolism, as
well as binge eating.

Consider finding a workout and diet partner; losing
weight is easier when you are sharing your goals with someone who is in
the same position as you. With a healthy diet and a sensible workout
plan you should lose the baby weight steadily, and it won’t be long
before you say good-bye to your maternity clothes!

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