Exercise with kids at home

How to Exercise at Home with a 5 year old

Is it possible to exercise at home on a regular schedule?  Yes!   Is it possible they might even join you and enjoy your exercise at home program too?  Yes!  You don’t have a good excuse not to exercise at home with a child.  It can be done!   This is how to exercise at home with a 5 year old.

First, get on a regular schedule with your exercise at home workout.  Your child will understand your regular schedule and may not at first buy into it but eventually, be ok with it.  Be sure you put out juice and a breakfast snack and I put out his vitamin as well.  Then suggest a toy or coloring or whatever works in his world.  At this point, he is so trained to expect certain things in the morning that he finds the juice and snack on the table, then goes for his toys.  It’s amazing!  It can work for you too.

Second, make it look fun with fun music and colorful weighted balls and bands.  He will want to join you!  He loves the music and enjoys setting up the balls in a semi circle and then another day, he wants to use them.  Today, he actually joined me for the HIIT Turbo Fire.  It’s very motivated and contagious!  You can see here.  Check out this video of us exercising together.  It’s so possible to get fit at home and lose the weight with at home exercise.

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